How to make a server for alpha

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How to make a server for alpha

Post by [Owner]Zarxto on Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:45 am

tep 1. Download this: #!cRNU2ZSY!VKqXP6PYXt3fSssSTJAOVufHKiuuQwM1_rG_yHeT698 It's all the required files for the server. MVC, old launcher and a .minecraft if it gives you the error: not downloaded
Step 2. Open the .rar file and put Everything in one folder (or desktop)
Step 3. Replace your .minecraft with the new requested one (backup your old one)
Step 4. Place your old launcher on the desktop and run it.
Step 5. Open MVC (important part) and press NO! you need to press NO to update the old launcher
Step 6. Choose alpha 1.2.6 and update it.
Step 7: go back to your old launcher and login with whatever name you want (dosnt matter)
Step 8: Click at multiplayer and put in this IP:

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