all the plugins you need for a safe, simple, server.

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all the plugins you need for a safe, simple, server.

Post by [Owner]Zarxto on Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:30 am

Here are the plugins you will need

Authcraft: this plugin is needed to keep you from being admin hacked. Players put in their password so no one else can hack them. (this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are hosting a public server)
Download: ?wq3z2dc1sg7vrv0

WorldGuard: A very neat plugin. Mostly used to protect houses for specific users or you're just protecting you're spawn (This Is also HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.)

Download: ?2vic6n08udyde62

WorldEdit: A plugin used to help you build big objects that would take hours to create if you did it manually (this is recommended with worldguard)

Download: ?4bfo1u2c4xbeueo

Magic Carpet: A plugin for flying, usally for large builds. Recommended if you're getting worldedit and worldguard.

Download: ?0d82bm4pbd5nu5r

LeafDroper: Not usally needed, but players will get annoyed when punching a tree and the leaves wont go away, well now the leaves will!

Download: ?xuj12seylkp3hf2

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