Official Rules on topics and Basics on forum posts [Read]

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Official Rules on topics and Basics on forum posts [Read]

Post by [Owner]Zarxto on Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:25 pm

Hello there, this is zarxto creator of the site. Here are the rules:

Rule 1: No Off topics or trolling(Harrasing) a user.
Rule 2: No spam (spamming replys or spamming topics)
Rule 3: If you don't have anything to say nice about someone don't say it at all (this means Don't be too judgey)


Plugin markings. [A moderator or Administrator will mark a plugin]

Researching (won't have any title on the plugin because its being researched on)
Recommended (A plugin that is very useful too the users.)
Approved (A plugin that is approved and will stay there untill the plugin modder makes it inactive
INACTIVE (Marked inactive because the user hasn't said anything or updating anything in 5 - 9 months.)

User Markings

WellKnown (Usally a popular youtuber will get this marking.)
Member (normal member mark)
Died (inactive for 2 years)
Banned (For doing things against the rules)
Moderator (Moderator which has Mod tools)
Administrator(Admin currently only 1 Administrator)

So yes, if you have any other questions ask me.

Best Regards, zarxto Owner of hmod Forums

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